Research Archive

Material listed here was prepared prior to 2006.  For more recent work see  our research page


  • How Governments Work and How to Convince Them to Control Tobacco.  Practical tips to improve your political game. Paper presented at WHO training workshop, September 1997
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Health Warning labels

  • A review of picture-based health warning messages.

Harm Reduction

Industry Documents

  • The History of the Canadian Safer Cigarette Program.  Reducing Harm or Increasing Profits? 
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  • Behind the Scenes:  How the Canadian Tobacco Companies promoted 'ventilation' solutions to avoid restrictions on second-hand smoke.  February 2002.

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  • Manipulation:  The Story of Imperial Tobacco and Its Cigarettes.  From tobacco industry documents, a story of the research agenda of BAT and Imperial Tobacco.
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    related press release and background materials

  • From Montreal to Minnesota.  The little-known story of the first release of tobacco industry documents in a Canadian court - and the impact that had years later in the land-mark Minnesota trial.
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  • Elasticity and Canadian Cigarettes.  An analysis of smoke-yields from Canadian cigarettes showing that the most popular brands are 'elastic' -- they yield more nicotine and tar to the smoker.  HTML with links to documents

  • Elasticity and Canadian Cigarettes.
    Illustrations and descriptions of cigarette marketing in Canada.  Available as PDF downloads, or in html text (below)
  • Tobacco Marketing in Canada
    -How tobacco advertising works.  PDF
    Evidence From Tobacco Industry Documents.  PDF
    Current Marketing Activities in Canada.  PDF

  • World No Tobacco Day 2000 Forum on Tobacco Industry Documents.  A workshop hosted by Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada and Health Canada presented several papers on industry stories.  Copies of the documents cited in these papers can be obtained by contacting us

Public Issues

25 Golden Years of 'Constructive Dialogue'
The Canadian Tobacco Manufacturer's Council
1962 - 1987


Selling Smokes to Starters
Market Research by Canadian Tobacco Companies

The Story of Player's Light
How Canada's most popular cigarette was targeted to young smokers.

Tobacco Promotions Appealing to Male Youths in Canada
Positioning Cigarettes as Symbols of Masculinity, Independence, Rebelliousness, Excitement and Adventure
Getting the Pack to Speak for Itself
Cigarette Packaging in the Face of Restrictions on Advertising


Cigarette Design
Tales of Toxic Tobacco
BAT research on the harmful properties of smoke
No Holy Grail
The Canadian Search for a Less Harmful Cigarette
From Lights to Brighter Lights
The Re-engineering of Canadian Cigarettes

Regulatory Issues

Advertising and Marketing

  • Tobacco Industry Advertising Expenditures, 1987-2000.  A review of the growth of tobacco advertising in Canada, including data on types of advertising (sponsorship, brand-advertising), advertising venues (magazines, billboards) and expenditures by province. November 1998.    download file
  • Studies Show:  Tobacco Advertising and Sponsorship Increase Children's Smoking. Key quotes from scientific studies supporting advertising bans as a measure to reduce youth smoking.  Illustrated with examples of current (1996) Canadian cigarette advertising. March 1996
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  • Dictionary of Tobacco Terms.  From tobacco industry documents, a list of technical terms used to describe tobacco, cigarettes and their manufacture. download PDF file

  • Children in Care.  A review of the responsibilities of government to protect the health of the children in their care from second-hand smoke.
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  • Custody and Access. A resource to help parents and concerned family arrive at a custody arrangement that protects children from second hand smoke.
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International Issues

  • An introduction to international trade agreements and their impact on public health measures to reduce tobacco use", April 2001. 
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      (cover page)

  • Legal opinion prepared by Appleton & Associates on the potential impact of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment.   1998. download PDF file

  • The Danger of International Investment Agreements for Tobacco Control in Canada.  Submission to the WTO consultation process of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. download PDF file


  • Tobacco Divestment Research Study by Eugene Ellmen of Ellmen/Shaw Public Affairs, 1998.  A guide to tobacco-free investing in Canada. October 1998. download PDF file


  • Legal Opinion provided by Bull, Housser & Tupper, Barristers and Solicitors: (pdf)

Covering letter, July 1999

Scope of a Physician's Duty When Counselling Patients on Smoking Cessation*

Potential Liability of Physicians When Counselling Patients Regarding Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke


  • The Canadian Set-Back.  Tobacco Use in Canada 1986 - 1997.   Paper presented at the 10th World Conference on Tobacco or Health, Beijing. A summary of statistics and review of policy changes in Canada. August 1997
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  • A comparison of U.S. measures (including law-suit settlements) with Canadian law.  (Draft document, January 1999). download PDF file

  • Banning Cigarette Sales in Pharmacies Does Not Result in Pharmacy Closures1997. download PDF file

  • Light and Mild Cigarettes. Background on the sales and health implications of low-yield cigarettes. January 1999
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  • A Reflection on Alternative Nicotine Delivery Systems.  Paper presented at the 10th World Conference on Tobacco or Health, Beijing. A critique of recent proposals for the retailing of alternative nicotine consumer products.  August 1997. download PDF file

  • Public Policy and Smoking Cessation:   Beyond Pharmacological Solutions. Comments and paper presented at a public forum organized by the Canadian Society for International health, "Nicotine Issues- New Approaches to Cessation,"  May 31, 1999
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  • Regulatory Options under the Federal Tobacco Act.  Promotion and Packaging. A report to the British Columbia Ministry of Health. December 1997. download PDF file  


  • Surveying the Damage
    A report on the impact of the Canadian government's decision to roll-back tobacco taxes in 1994 (PDF)