Research & Papers

Material listed here was prepared after 2006.  For more recent work see  our research archive page.  See also our Fact sheets for statistical and other shorter papers.
  • International Trade/Plain packaging
    Tobacco Industry document review:
    The plot against plain packing.
    How tobacco companies used phoney arguments to defeat plain packaging, and how health ministers fell for their chicanery.  (2008). 

  • International
    The Global Tobacco Economy:  A snapshot of the economies of multinational tobacco companies and of international tobacco control efforts in 2008 (2009).
  • Policy
    Performance based regulations.
    Tobacco companies use new products as a way to overcome public health laws. A moratorium on new tobacco products can better protect health.  (2009)
  • Policy
    History of tobacco control in Canada
    This new report reviews 1300 years of tobacco use and various strategies to control its use throughout all of tobacco's history and pre-history in Canada.  Here are some key findings of this 82-page report.

 Regulatory Submissions