Research & Papers

Material listed here was prepared after 2006.  For more recent work see  our research archive page.  See also our Fact sheets for statistical and other shorter papers.
  • Industry interference
    PSC authors a Civil Society shadow report on the implementation of FCTC Article 5.3 in Canada. (2016)

Shadow report

  • International Trade/Plain packaging
    Tobacco Industry document review:
    The plot against plain packing.
    How tobacco companies used phoney arguments to defeat plain packaging, and how health ministers fell for their chicanery.  (2008). 

  • International
    The Global Tobacco Economy:  A snapshot of the economies of multinational tobacco companies and of international tobacco control efforts in 2008 (2009).
  • Policy
    Performance based regulations.
    Tobacco companies use new products as a way to overcome public health laws. A moratorium on new tobacco products can better protect health.  (2009)
  • Policy
    History of tobacco control in Canada
    This new report reviews 1300 years of tobacco use and various strategies to control its use throughout all of tobacco's history and pre-history in Canada.  Here are some key findings of this 82-page report.

 Regulatory Submissions

  • Submission on S-5, the proposed Tobacco and Vaping Products Act.  (2017)


Tobacco Products Information Regulations (toxic emission statement)
Tobacco Products Labelling Regulations (Cigarettes and Little Cigars) (new warnings)
Promotion of Tobacco Products and Accessories Regulations (Prohibited Terms) (light and mild)