• Health Canada trims its tobacco control sails

    In April 2021, two more documents were released by Health Canada which set out how the department plans to address the health consequences of tobacco use and vaping. The first is Health Canada's Forward Regulatory Plan for 2022-2024, and the second is the internal evaluation of Health Canada's activities, including management's response to the recommendations made by the evaluators. These, together with the

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Groups call for Scots ban on plastic cigarette filters over 'horrific' environmental impact https://t.co/QdCHm73HrP
Of the largest 10 Canadian pension funds, only 3 still invest in Tobacco. Mandatory pensions for Quebec workers are divested from tobacco stocks, but not for those of us in the Rest of Canada ( @CPPInvestments)
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The Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey results were released this morning, showing no improvement over the previous 12 months. https://t.co/VHX8AWoyGf https://t.co/FnbOyTJHyD DocsVsTobacco photo
The final evaluation report of @GovCanHealth 's tobacco and vaping policy was released this week. Some of the sharper comments in the draft version have been 'gentled', but the primary message is the same: there is no actual plan to reach 5% by 2035.

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