• National Non Smoking Week through the rear-view mirror

    National Non-Smoking Week is 46 years old this month. This is an occasion to reflect on how much has - and has not - changed over the past half century. This post looks at parallels in government tobbacco policy in 1977 and 2023, and what lessons we might take from this history.

    For many Canadians it was more than a lifetime ago that Health Minister Marc Lalonde designated a week in January 1977 as a time to

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In Canada, tobacco companies are allowed to use contracts with retailers to vary the price of cigarettes by location. New research by Emmanuel Guindon and his colleagues show this puts poor kids at greater risk. https://t.co/zgjjOsZhP3
In failing to report to Parliament on the tobacco and vaping market, the federal government has defied its own law. Today we asked the Federal Court to tell it to do so.


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Spain's new campaign encourages vapers and smokers to quit - and cites environmental damage as one more reason to do so. 👍
In Canada: no encouragement for adult vapers to quit, no media campaigns on quitting smoking, no environmental messaging. 👎
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