Job not done! Half a million Canadian workers are still exposed to second hand smoke on the job.


This week an updated report on the Burden of Occupational Cancer in Canada was circulated. The research was prepared by the Occupational Cancer Research Centre with financial support from the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. The results on occupational exposure to second hand smoke might surprise those who think that workers are...

Do e-cigarettes beat NRT as cessation aids? A key study provides two opposing results – yet only one was reported.


There are thousands of scientific studies on tobacco use published every month (37,000 so far this year!), but only a few find their way into the mainstream media. Among those, even fewer seem to have real influence on government policies. In my circles, one of the most influential papers this year was a British study...

Health Canada consumer research on vapers’ attitudes to flavours


Last February, 2,027 Canadian vapers sat down at a computer and answered a questionnaire prepared by Environics Research on behalf of Health Canada. Six months later, the report summarizing their answers has been available at the Library of Canada. (Link: POR 083-18 Vapers Panel Survey to Measure Attitudes and Behaviours Regarding Vaping Products). The results provide...

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