Complaints of Industry Behaviour

  • Complaint to the Competition Bureau  February 2020. Complaint regarding misleading advertising by Imperial Tobacco in its #FactsnotFear campaign. Letter.
  • Complaint to Health Canada May 2019. Complaint regarding infraqctiosn of the TVPA by Imperial Tobacco and other vaping companies. Complaint.



Recent regulatory submissions

  • Call for powerful renewal to the federal tobacco control strategy April 2017.  Response to questions identified in Health Canada Document “Seizing the Opportunity: The Future of Tobacco Control in Canada.” Submission on strategy renewal.
  • Concerns about commercialization of vaping products. April 2017. PSC urges Senate to amend Bill S-5 (the proposed Tobacco and Vaping Products Act) to a) protect young people from ads for vaping products on mass media and 2) to implement a phase-out of conventional cigarettes. S-5-submission


FCTC monitoring Reports

  • FCTC Monitoring Report – 2016 August 2016. Canada’s Implementation of Article 5.3 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Shadow report.
  • FCTC Monitoring Report – 2010 November 2010. Canada’s Implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Shadow Report.
  • FCTC Monitoring Report – 2007 June 2007. Report on Canada’s Progress towards Implementing the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Shadow Report


Archive of regulatory submissions

Advertising and Promotion
  • Tobacco Vector: How American movies, Canadian film subsidies and provincial rating practices will kill 43,000 Canadian teens alive today — and what Canadian governments can do about it. (2010)
Indigenous Tobacco Use
Regulatory Approaches
  • Tobacco Free Pharmacies Reasons why all provinces should ban pharmacy sales in provinces, and information on the majority that do. (2010)
Tax and Pricing
  • Cheap cigarettes: Tobacco companies have manipulated  retail pricing to blunt the impact of tax increases. A rationale for standardized pricing and other reforms is presented. (2017)
Submissions in reponse to regulatory proposals

Recent press releases


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