Smoking rates have fallen — but maybe not for the reason you think.


Last week Statistics Canada made available the Public Use Microdata from the Canadian Community Health Survey conducted in 2017 and 2018.  The gift of a 1000 variables! The Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) is the doyen of Statistics Canada’s health surveillance system. For 2 decades, government pollsters have used this survey to find explore the health and...

Insights from the recent Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey


Three months ago, Statistics Canada released some results from the Canadian Tobacco and Nicotine Survey (CTNS) This is a one-time survey conducted between the end of October and mid-December in 2019. The survey was taken by 8,600 Canadians, fewer than half of those who were asked to do so (a response rate of 44%). Statistics Canada...

Preliminary results of Canada’s first RCT on quitting with e-cigarettes


Last week viewers of the American College of Cardiology’s virtual annual scientific session were able to see the initial results of the first large Canadian randomized clinical trial of e-cigarettes as a cessation device. Thanks to the ACC’s sharing of this event and Youtube technology, a 6-minute synopsis of his presentation is available to all. In...

Do e-cigarettes beat NRT as cessation aids? A key study provides two opposing results – yet only one was reported.


There are thousands of scientific studies on tobacco use published every month (37,000 so far this year!), but only a few find their way into the mainstream media. Among those, even fewer seem to have real influence on government policies. In my circles, one of the most influential papers this year was a British study...

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