On this World No Tobacco Day, it’s time to call for a No-Tobacco Canada


Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, May 29, 2023 – On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day 2023, tobacco control organizations are calling on governments to use the historic opportunity of tobacco manufacturers’ facing bankruptcy and concentrate their efforts at winding up commercial tobacco companies in Canada. They urge governments to recognize that a monetary settlement that...

Insolvency court forces Canada’s tobacco companies to reveal financial information.


Next week Justice McEwan of Ontario’s Superior Court will be asked for the sixth time to extend the insolvency protection orders under which Canada’s 3 main tobacco companies are maintaining “business as usual” while trying to negotiate an end to the lawsuits filed against them. In most respects, there appear to be no new developments in...

Using consumer protection laws to strengthen tobacco control


Last week two more U.S. states filed lawsuits against JUUL, alleging that the company has mislead consumers and asking their courts to do what their legislatures cannot — force the company to suspend certain deceptive marketing activities. This week, Canadian governments will be facing the tobacco industry in insolvency court as a result of their...

Weedless Wednesday 2020: The future of tobacco in Canada is on the table. Literally.


For more than 40 years, Canadian smokers have been encouraged to see “Weedless Wednesday” as an opportunity to make a quit attempt, as Canadian health systems use the week around it (National Non Smoking Week) to focus efforts on helping communities abandon tobacco use. While in former decades this was a week of multiple announcements...

Health groups call on provinces to shut down creditor protection for tobacco companies


Action on Smoking and Health, Campaign for Justice on Tobacco Fraud, Coalition québécoise pour le contrôle du tabac, Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco, Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada Tobacco control organizations from across Canada are calling on provincial ministers of health and justice to oppose the use of the federal Companies’ Creditor Arrangement Act...

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